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  • Mom-92nd-Birthday-Celebration
    Mom’s 92nd Birthday Celebration, July 19th, 2022!
  • Ellen-Strommen-Meadowood
    Ellen Strommen at her beautiful Meadowood Garden Home
    at nearly 92! Can you believe it?!
    Bloomington, IN June 2022
  • Linda-Strommen-with-2019-Oboe-Section
    Linda Strommen with the 2019 Oboe Section
    of NYSOS’ Carnegie Hall Performance
    Jillian Kouzel and Lucian Avalon, NYC,
    December 2019
  • Alain-DeGourdon-with-Linda
    Alain DeGourdon with Linda Strommen as Guest Artists
    at the Loree Day, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
    November 2019.
  • Mexico-City-Residency
    Mexico City Residency Performance at UNAM, Mexico
    September 2019
  • professors-kolb-strommen
    Professors Roberto Kolb and Linda Strommen
    celebrating the Jacobs School Residency
    at Mexico City, 2019.
  • Students-at-UNAM
    Students at UNAM University join Professors Roberto Kolb and Linda Strommen to celebrate a rewarding week of classes and performance, Mexico City, 2019
  • strommen-loofbourrow
    The Strommen Loofbourrow Family Farewell Concert:
    Linda Strommen, Cheryl Strommen Loofbourrow,
    Jenae Loofbourrow, Jessica Burrows Van Kipp,
    Oconomowoc, WI, 2012
  • IMG_1560
    Joshua Bell and Linda Strommen
    with their mothers, Shirley Bell and Ellen Strommen
    celebrating Joshua's performance
    of the Brahms Violin Concerto
    with Jaime Laredo and the New York String Orchestra
    in Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, Deember 2018
  • IMG_1555
    Bart Feller and Linda Strommen sharing as faculty
    celebrating the exciting New York String Orchestra Seminars
    final concert of 2018
    Carnegie Hall, New York, NY December 2018
  • 5845B355
    A rewarding ten days of beautiful music
    with the special oboe section of the 2018 New York String Orchestra Seminar,
    Robert Nunes and Jillian Kouzel, New York, NY, December 2018
  • IMG_0802
    A beautiful Strommen family trip with my sister,
    Cheryl Strommen Loofburrow and mother, Ellen Strommen,
    Little Switzerland, NC, August 2018
  • IMG_0748
    A rewarding and exciting 2018 Interlochen Arts Camp
    Oboe Class and Faculty,
    Dane Philpsen, Linda Strommen and Robert Krause,
    Interlochen, MI, July 2018
  • IMG_0742
    Enjoying Interlochen Arts Camp with colleague Robert Krause,
    Interlochen, MI July 2018
  • IMG_0656
    Congratulations to my lovely neice, Jenae Loofburrow
    for her college graduation, celebrating with a trip to Colorado
    with Aunt Linda, Keystone, CO May 2018
  • IMG_1810
    Rewarding work with Daryl Caswell
    of Landwell Reed Knives
    to finalize the development of the "Landwell-Strommen" model knife,
    Calgary, Canada, May 2018
  • 2018July31-Stommen
    The joy of sharing a recital at Meadowood with my dear sister in honor of my mother's special 88th birthday,
    Cheryl Strommen Loofbaurs, Ellen Strommen, Linda Strommen and Aleksey Artemyev,
    Bloomington, IN, July 31 2018
  • IMG_0031_fs
    Sharing Saint Meinrad Archabbey with mother, Ellen Strommen.
    A favorite place of retreat and rejuvenation.
    Saint Meinrad, IN, August 2017
  • IAC2017-Faculty
    Celebrating an exciting three weeks of comradery with faculty at Interlochen Arts Camp.
    Robert Krause, Mary Lynch, Linda Strommen and Lauren Williams.
    Interlochen, MI, Summer 2017
  • IAC2017-Quintet
    A rewarding Interlochen Arts Camp coaching experience with WYWS quintet.
    Abigail Davidson, Hana Yoon, Alexander Parlee, Nathen Morris, Justin Wang.
    Interlochen, MI, July 2017
  • IAC2017-IP-Winds
    Celebrating chamber music with the WYSO and IP winds,
    Interlochen Arts Camp.
    Interlochen, MI, July 2017
  • group_with_dog
    The Joy of family friends!
    Ellen Strommen, John Drewes, Linda Strommen,
    Beth Drewes and Gracie.
    Bloomington, IN, January 2017.
  • IAC-2016-Whirl-Winds-Quintet
    The Whirl Winds Quintet
    celebrate with Linda Strommen, coach,
    a performance at Interlochen Arts Camp,
    Interlochen, MI, July 2016
  • Dan-Bob-Dave-Linda-2016
    Daniel Stolper, Robert Krause,
    David Kimball and Linda Strommen
    celebrating another rewarding Interlochen Arts Camp summer,
    Intrerlochen, MI, July 2016
  • 2016-Oboe-Institute-Group-100
    Another rewarding and exciting week
    of leading the 2016 Interlochen Oboe Institutes
    with Jaren Atherholt, Sarah Skuster and Jessica Warren (Assistant),
    Interlochen, MI, June 2016
  • FB2016Jun7Strommen
    Ellen and Linda Strommen,
    Joni Chan and Jacobs School musicians
    celebrating Ellen Strommen's 86th birthday
    in recital at Meadowood Community,
    Bloomington, IN, June 2016
  • Eric-Ewazen-and-Linda
    Linda Strommen with Eric Ewazen
    celebrating the final editing of the recording
    of his Second Concerto, "Hold Fast Your Dreams",
    Lincoln Center, New York, NY,
    May 2016
  • Gabriel-Young_Linda
    Gabriel Young, sophomore,
    with Linda Strommen
    celebrating his concerto winner performance
    with the Indiana University Symphony Orchestra,
    Bloomington, IN, March 2016
  • R15_Ewazen_IDRS-1
    Eric Ewazen, Linda Strommen and Terry Ewell,
    Premier of Eric Ewazen's Orchestral Version
    of "Hold Fast Your Dreams",
    Masterworks Festival,
    Winona Lake, IN, June 2015
  • Premiere-Oh-Lord-2015
    Elliott Bark, Linda Strommen,
    Peg Cleveland and Timothy Plambeck,
    Premiere of Elliott Bark's "Oh Lord: Psalms of David"
    Interlochen, Michigan, July 2015
  • 2015-Oboe-Institute-group-100-X2
    A rewarding week
    leading the 2015 Interlochen Oboe Institutes
    with Daniel Stolper and Jaren Atherholt,
    Interlochen, Michigan, June 2015
  • Web2015June9Strommen
    Linda Strommen, Ellen Strommen and Joni Chan,
    celebrating Ellen Strommen's 85th birthday
    in a recital at Meadowood Community,
    Bloomington, Indiana, June 2015
  • Ewazen-Recording-Celebration
    Eric Ewazen, Linda Strommen and Angela Park
    celebrating the recording session
    of Eric's Second Concerto "Hold Fast Your Dreams",
    New York, August 2014
  • Ewazen-Recording-with-Eric-Linda-Angela-and-Adam
    Eric Ewazen, Linda Strommen, Angela Park and Adam Abeshouse
    after an inspiring session of recording "Hold Fast Your Dreams"
    at SUNY Purchase Recital Hall,
    New York, August 2014
  • Ewazen-Recording-with-Eric-linda-Angela-Ed
    Eric Ewazen, Linda Strommen,
    Angela Park and Ed Court
    join in collaboration for the recording
    of Eric's Second Concerto, New York, August 2014
  • Ewazen-Recording-with-Eric-Angela-and-LindaJPG
    Eric Ewazen, Linda Strommen and Angela Park,
    SUNY Purchase, New York, August 2014
  • IAC-2014
    Daniel Stolper, Linda Strommen and Robert Krause
    celebrating another rewarding Interlochen Arts Camp summer,
    Interlochen, MI, July 2014
  • IAI-2014
    Angela Park, Linda Strommen, Mary Lynch
    and Daniel Stolper (not pictured),
    faculty of the 2014 Interlochen Oboe Institute,
    Interlochen, MI, June 2014
  • Awards-Banquet-2014-Award-Winners-with-judges
    Judges Robert Turizziani, Carol Wincenc,
    Linda Strommen and Grant Cooper
    with Award Winners and NSAL board members,
    NSAL 2014 Woodwind Competition,
    Charleston, WV, May 2014
  • Diane-Bish-and-Linda-Strommen-at-Saint-Meirads-August-2013
    Diane Bish and Linda Strommen recording
    for the Joy of Music at Saint Meinrads Archabbey,
    Saint Meinrads, Indiana, August 2013
  • 2013-After-Concerto
    Ellen Strommen, Donald McKinney, Linda Strommen,
    Celebrating the performance
    with the World Youth Wind Symphony
    of "Hold Fast Your Dreams" by Eric Ewazen,
    July 6th, 2013, Interlochen, Michigan
  • Eric-Ewazen-and-Linda-Strommen-at-Interlochen-2013
    Linda and Eric Ewazen at Interlochen 2013,
    preparing for the performance of Eric's second concerto.
  • 2013-Dinner-at-Boones
    David Kimball, Daniel Stolper,
    Linda Strommen, Robert Krause
    celebrating a rewarding Interlochen Arts Camp Summer,
    July 2013, Interlochen, Michigan
  • IOI-2013-faculty
    Interlochen Oboe Institute faculty
    with Linda Strommen, Angela Park,
    Daniel Stolper and Jaren Philleo.
    Interlochen, Michigan, June 2013
  • IAI-Master-Class-May-2013
    Guest Residency
    with the Interlochen Arts Academy Oboe Class,
    Interlochen, Michigan, May 2013
  • 2012jmoc-Faculty-staff
    Teaching with Marty Herbert at The John Mack Oboe Camp 2012
    Faculty and Staff:
    John Symer, Linda Strommen,
    Andria Brennan, Nancy Wong,
    Marty Herbert, Liz DeMio,
    Thomas Moore and Danna Sumdet
  • 2012-Photo
    A rewarding and full JMOC 2012 Class!
  • DSCI0327
    US Coastguard band performance
    Ewazen Concerto #2 "Hold Fast Your Dreams"
    Commander Ken Megan, Linda Strommen,
    Eric Ewazen Spring 2012
  • DSCI0328
    US Coastguard Band Oboe section members
    with commanders for "Hold Fast Your Dreams"
    Spring 2012
  • DSCI0239
    IDRS 2011:
    Alain DeGourdon, Carlos Coehlo,
    Olivier DeGourdon, Linda Strommen
  • DSCI0219
    An Interlochen Oboe Faculty dinner break!
    Daniel Stolper, Linda Strommen, Robert Krause
  • DSCI0218
    Enjoying Interlochen Colleagues,
    Daniel Stolper and Linda Strommen
  • DSCI0216
    Linda Strommen & Elaine Douvas Le Domaine Forget 2010
  • DSCI0215
    Linda Strommen and Elaine Douvas
    shepherding Le Domaine Forget Oboe Class 2010
  • DSCI0211
    Elaine Douvas, Daniel Stolper
    and Linda Strommen
    with the Interlochen Advanced Institute participants
    June 2010
  • DSCI0202
    Ray Still's 90th birthday visit to Indiana University Spring 2010
  • DSCI0195
    Ray Still still teaching at 90!
    Guest residency at Indiana University, Spring 2010
  • DSCI0191
    Ray Still warming up in Linda's studio Spring 2010
  • DSCI0183
    CBDNA Premiere "Hold Fast Your Dreams"
    for Wind Ensemble by Eric Ewazen
    Eric Ewazen & Linda Strommen February 2010
  • DSCI0188
    Ewazen, Strommen, Gershman, Pratt CBDNA Premiere 2010
  • DSCI0181
    Linda & Ellen Strommen celebrating Ewazen performance
  • IMG_0011
    John Mack Oboe Camp Faculty 2008
    Nathan Hughes, Linda Strommen and Scott Bell